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What Is Your Core?

Your core comprises muscles deep in your body and includes the rectus abdominis, internal/external obliques, transverse abdominis, diaphragm, and your pelvic floor. The core muscles work together to provide stability and balance for the body. Our physical therapists in San Diego want to teach you about your core is also crucial to protect the spine and pelvis and is the base of support for all movement.

Is core stability really that important?

If you think about every movement you do from reaching to waking to sitting, your limbs are moving from your core. Just like a house, you need a strong foundation to stay stable and for the human body, the core is the body’s foundation. Not only is it important to have good strength but it is also important to know how to engage the core during movements and coordinate the breath.

How do we know if we have an issue with our core?

Poor core strength can lead to pain, mobility issues and or difficulty with balance. Here are some signs you have a weak and unstable core:

  • Lower Back Pain – Instability in your core muscles forces them to work overtime trying everything they can to stabilize the area around the problem or injured muscle. When muscles start to compensate for problems, it often results in pain.
  • Poor Balance- Our core muscles stabilize our body to help maintain balance while standing or sitting.
  • Poor Posture – For a healthy back, good breathing, and excellent digestion, good posture can help keep your spine and pelvis well aligned to avoid short-term back pain or longer-term posture issues that limit our ability to stand up straight.

How do I stabilize my core?

Because our core is made up of muscles, we can first try to bring stability to the affected area through a variety of exercises such as:

  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Floor Prone Cobra (without spinal extension)
  • Floor Bridge (as long as the spine is not dipping or hyperextended)
  • Chest Press (Pallof Press) (standing or kneeling)
  • Dead-bugs
  • Bird-Dogs

There are many functional activities that strengthen your core, but the exercises listed above are great supplemental exercises.

How long do I have to work on my core?

Everyone needs to incorporate core exercises into their strength and flexibility routines. The younger you start, the better. The core needs to be continually maintained so that it has the power to help you avoid issues resulting in pain or even immobility.

At Onyx Wellness and PT, your health and happiness are at the core of our mission. We can help you strengthen and stabilize your core. We can also help develop a fitness routine for you that provides the long-term maintenance needed to keep your core strong and functioning. Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation.