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Strength Training for Runners


Running is easy and convenient, all you need is your running shoes and a little motivation. Unfortunately, a majority of runners will suffer from a lower extremity injury. Most injuries can be avoided by incorporating strength training. Four areas to focus your strength training: Core stability, hip stability, glute strength, and calf strength. With that said, it is easy to have an effective strength training program that does not take up too much time.

Obviously, everyone is different and it is not ideal to follow a general strength program without knowing your specific needs. With that said, if you find any of these exercises difficult, you should focus on those more than the others while maintaining good form with each exercise.

Core Stability: 


Side plank


Hip Stability:

Fire hydrants

Clam Shells

Side lying hip abduction

Glute Max Strengthening:

Bulgarian Split Squats

Step ups

Single leg bridge

Calf Strengthening:

Heel Raises

Jump Rope

For best results, these exercises should be done on a regular basis. If for any reason there is pain during the exercises, you should stop, reassess your form and discontinue the exercises.