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What You Need to Know About Lower Back Pain and Hip Mobility Issues

Most people experience some tightness and pain in their low back and hips at some point in their lives. However, this can become chronic for some people, leading to a lack of mobility, long-term pain, and general discomfort which is where physical therapy in San Diego comes into play. Low back pain can be manageable with lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes include, healthy diet, daily activity, and maintaining flexibility.

Back Pain Can Be Complicated

Back pain is different for each individual and can stem from the low back itself or a dysfunction in other areas in the body. Common factors that create low back pain are:

  • Muscle Strength and Flexibility
    People need enough muscle strength and flexibility to move their joints through a full range of motion. A sedentary lifestyle or simply aging can affect your strength and flexibility, leading to mobility issues with your hip and lower back.
  • Weak Core
    Strong core muscles can help minimize injury and improve daily function. Just because you can’t see all your core muscles doesn’t mean they aren’t working for you. There are hundreds of muscles that make up our core and help us with stability and mobility. An imbalance of core strength or flexibility can cause issues that may be difficult to diagnose and treat on your own.

DIY Home Screen for Low Back and Hip Mobility

While a physical therapist often diagnoses lower back and hip mobility issues by examining how we move, you can also assess your mobility with this simple test:

The test is not a replacement for diagnosis and treatment by a trained and licensed physical therapist, but it will help you determine possible issues you can work on at home.

Are there exercises I can try to improve my back and hip mobility?
There are several exercises that you can try at home to improve your back and hip mobility. We have uploaded a video of these exercises that can help. Please watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more physical therapy videos and professional guidance.

What are the benefits of good mobility?
Performing full range-of-motion movements through all joints is a key to maintaining healthy, functional, efficient bodies that can work and play for long periods. As you age, it’s vital to maintain your range of motion and the flexibility in your joints to lead an active lifestyle.

In the long term, lack of mobility can lead to injuries and disorders in your muscles and joints because they can’t stretch and move properly. Range of motion movements aid in injury prevention and improve day-to-day function. Those who lack the range of motion may also find activities like sitting and even standing up difficult because the body must work harder to maintain position and stability.

At Onyx PT and Wellness, we help you understand the impacts of low back and hip mobility. Whether you are an athlete looking for ways to shave minutes or seconds off your time, or you want to spend your days at a desk sitting pain-free, Onyx PT and Wellness is the right choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.