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Run3D Assessment

3D Gait Analysis &
Musculoskeletal Testing

Helping runners treat injuries, run faster & move better.

What is Run3D?

Run3D is the gold standard of gait and musculoskeletal analysis, providing all the information you need to understand the root cause of your injury, which is the first step to putting it right.

Developed by scientists at Oxford University, Run3D uses advanced 3D motion capture technology to accurately measure your movement patterns, gaining data driven insight into your biomechanics for individualised treatment plans and optimal recovery.

How Does Run3D Work?

Who Can Run3D Help?

Run3D Gait Analysis can help anyone with pain during walking or running, including but NOT limited to:

Run3D gait analysis can help anyone with pain during walking or running.

Jacqualynn Gordon
Owner and Founder of Onyx Physical Therapy & Wellness
No matter where you are in your healing journey, physical therapy can be an essential and even required part of your recovery. Our doctor’s of physical therapy have helped people from all walks of life with tailoring effective programs specific to their needs and recovery roadmap. Our professionals also work with athletes like runners, surfers, weightlifters, and swimmers to resolve mobility issues and improve athletic performance.

What is Physical Therapy?

Perhaps you were injured in an accident and need to regain mobility. Maybe you’re dealing with a chronic condition that’s causing discomfort like runners knee or consistent neck and shoulder pain. Whatever the reason, physical therapy in San Diego can help you regain and improve your quality of life.

At its core, physical therapy is all about helping people move better. We accomplish that by reducing pain, improving mobility, and restoring function. Whether you’re dealing with a recent injury or a chronic condition, we can create a customized treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

Tools We Use at Onyx Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are committed to providing our clients with a wide range of tools and techniques that will help them to accomplish their therapy goals. One of the tools that we use is laser therapy.

Not sure Physical Therapy is for you?

  • Are there activities that you are limited in due to pain?
  • Do you feel pain during your daily activities?
  • Do you feel stiff or limited in movement?
  • Are you in a job or sport with repetitive movements?
“Yes” to any of these questions can mean that you could benefit from a physical therapist. Onyx PT and Wellness provides comprehensive physical therapy services in the Carlsbad, Endcinitas, Leucadia and Cardiff area. Invest in your health today, and schedule an evaluation.

What We Treat

There are several different types of exercises that may be incorporated into your regime for physical therapy in San Diego. Here are just a few examples of physical therapy exercises in San Diego that could benefit you in your recovery or your overall goal of wellness and physical fitness.