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Get More For Your Money with Cash Pay PT

It is easy to think that you are getting a better price with PT when you go through your insurance but is that really true? If you pay $40-$60 for a copay and you get 10-15 minutes with a PT and the rest of the hour with an aide, you are not getting what you (or your insurance) paid for. Cash pay PT is more money up front, but you get 60 minutes one on one with a PT. That is 60 minutes completely focused on you and your needs. In our case, it also means that we come to you and that saves you time, money and frustration. If you get 60 minutes with one on one care, you are more likely to reach your goals quicker because you are getting more from each session. Unfortunately, insurance companies are reimbursing clinics less and less each year, forcing PTs to see more patients an hour and if someone is seeing 12-20 patients a day, they are not going to give you the best session that they can. It’s not there fault, it’s exhausting.

Investing in your health is arguably the best investment you can make. You will have a better quality of life, move better, sleep better and your mood will likely benefit, as well. Similar to a car, your body needs tune ups consistently to last longer and move better. Physical therapy isn’t just for injuries, it can serve as your performance specialist. What would your life be like, if you could do all the activities you want, pain-free? How would you feel if you could move completely pain-free? Health is more than blood pressure, weight and good nutrition. Yes, they are all important but movement is key to longevity. Would you trust your car to any auto mechanic? Why would you do that with your body?

Get more for your time and money and get the care you need.