Complimentary Injury Screening in San Diego

Onyx PT and Wellness offers a FREE 15-min injury screen to anyone that needs it. 

Take advantage of our no-obligation 15-minute injury screen designed to help you if you believe you may be injured. Whether it’s knee pain that showed up after a challenging basketball game last night, or perhaps you’re experiencing shoulder pain when you lift your arms after surfing. Whatever the reason, it is worth getting it checked out by a professional. To that end, it is essential to note that we offer a no-cost injury screening to anyone who needs it.

What is an Injury Screening
in San Diego?

An injury screening by a physical therapist (PT) is designed to assess your current level of function and identify any areas of concern and injury. During the screening, the therapist will:

  • Assess your range of motion, strength, and flexibility.
  • Assess your posture and alignment.
  • Ask about your medical history and any previous injuries or conditions that may affect your current condition.
  • Your Physical Therapist will then provide you with general advice, education, and resources to manage your injury.
  • If at any time your physical therapist has reason to believe that you have signs or symptoms of a condition that requires treatment beyond the scope of practice of a physical therapist, you will be provided a referral to the appropriate licensed medical professional.
  • Depending on your screening results, your PT may advise a formal evaluation of your condition. This paid service will provide a more thorough assessment, concluding with an individualized plan of care to include exercises, stretches, and other interventions to help you improve your function as you recover and reduce your risk of further injury.

Benefits of an Injury Screening

Aside from the obvious benefit of getting an injury assessed, there are other reasons to pursue a complimentary injury screening.

  • Obligation Free – You are under no obligation to move forward with us once the assessment is complete.
  • Fast & Easy – Our injury screening only takes about 15 minutes, and you will be done before you know it.
  • Peace of Mind – You will have less to worry about and more to look forward to if you know what that persistent pain is and how to treat it.
  • A Professional Assessment and Plan of Action – We not only determine the problem but also help you address it by providing you with a roadmap to recovery.

Our injury screening is an inexpensive and fast process to help you determine the next steps in your healing journey.

Who Needs an Injury Screening

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, a physical therapist can help you determine whether an injury screening is necessary or not. In some cases, pain may be caused by a minor issue that we can resolve without screening. However, if the pain is severe or persistent for more than a few days, it is essential to seek medical attention. A physical therapist can help you determine the cause of your pain and provide you with appropriate treatment options.

It is important to note that an injury screening is for everyone! Some falsely believe only professional athletes can benefit from this process. However, the truth is that anyone can benefit.

Injury Screening Can Help Create Your Health Baseline

In addition to diagnosing your current injury, the screening process can help establish a baseline for future health issues. Knowing where you are and being able to look back allows you to appreciate how far you have come. The initial screening provides a starting point to compare your progress throughout your healing journey.

At Onyx PT, we are invested in providing education and awareness opportunities to our local community on the power of physical wellness and prevention. We are dedicated to seeing that everyone is given the opportunity to live their fullest lives. This begins with being educated on our bodies, how they move, and how to take care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning.

We are committed to your health journey. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our complimentary injury screening resource right here in San Diego. Schedule your injury screening appointment today for our no-obligation service!

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