Onyx Physical Therapy and Wellness provides quality comprehensive care to meet clients goals. 

Our Practice

We strive to help people stay active and improve movement patterns to achieve personal goals and maintain longevity. Our comprehensive evaluation determines the individualized program needed to meet personal health and fitness goals.
Jaq and Jo

Meet Our Therapists:

Jacqualynn Gordon, DPT is passionate about leading an active lifestyle. She enjoys surfing, hiking, biking and traveling. She played sports all through high school and college and became a long distance runner after college. She believes that staying active is the key to a happy life and longevity. 

Joanna Rochelle, DPT has a love for weight lifting, hiking and gardening. She enjoys helping people stay healthy and reach their goals. She has experience with personal training and continues her learning in her personal workouts. She is also happy to swap gardening tips.